Switch to Textured Siding for Your Property

Find stucco repair and installation services in Prairieville, LA, Baton Rouge, and surrounding areas

You don't have to settle for traditional drywall materials for your home or business. Ask a contractor from Specialty Coating Services, LLC about the perks of stucco siding. We install traditional and EIFS stucco in Prairieville, LA, Baton Rouge, and surrounding areas. EIFS stucco, also called synthetic stucco, is a multi-layered siding option that first originated in Europe. Now, American contractors also use it to give structures a unique exterior finish.

We can texture your stucco any way you want. A contractor will meet with you to go over your ideas and help you settle on a design. Reach out to us today to get a free estimate on traditional or EIFS stucco installation.

How to tell if your stucco needs repair

Your stucco can only enhance the beauty of your property if it's properly maintained. Schedule stucco repair in Prairieville, LA, Baton Rouge, and surrounding areas if:

  • You see mold or mildew growing on your property
  • The wood around your door or window frame has swelled
  • The paint on your exterior is bubbling or peeling
  • You notice cracks or rust spots on your stucco

We'll inspect and repair your stucco so you won't have to worry about structural or cosmetic issues. Call 225-266-2788 now to make an appointment for stucco repair.